About Us

We are Stacey, Zion, and Justice Witsell, Co-founders of Ponytail Shoppe

We are a startup hair company with a mission to make the process of doing your hair incredibly easy and effortlessly chic with our 100% synthetic fiber drawstring ponytails.

Here at Ponytail Shoppe, we believe that your hair is a game changer. And you don’t have to break the bank to look expensive. #LuxuryOnABudget

With the right ponytail, you can create an entire style identity to empower you to look, feel and be as electrifying and confident as possible. The bonus is that it creates no damage to your hair and serves as a protective hairstyle.

Btw, there's no school on being cool but.... there is a link.

IG: @ponytailshoppe

Meet The Team